How it works

A subscription to MTN Mobi-zines costs R3 a day or R10 a week or R20 per month. You can choose your preferred billing frequency on sign up.

As a subscriber, you will have access to:

  • A catalogue of magazines from local and international content providers.
  • A catalogue of daily and weekly newspapers.

Magazines and newspapers are accessed via a web reader on your smartphone, tablet or PC. A working internet connection is needed in order to consume content via the web reader. Please ensure you have sufficient data to read online.

Subscription payments must be up to date in order to access MTN Mobi-zines content.

To browse content, sign in to your MTN Mobi-zines account using the MTN cellphone number linked to your subscription.

You will receive a One Time Pin by SMS on your first login and any subsequent login from a new device. Enter the One Time Pin to confirm your subscription and continue to browse content on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Mobi-zines content will be updated whenever new content is made available by the content providers.

Customer support

For MTN billing queries, dial 135 (free from your MTN SIM).

For any other queries related to the MTN Mobi-zines Subscription Service, dial 135 (free from your MTN SIM) or email