Grass Roots

September 2020


Grass Roots is Australia’s go-to magazine for those who wish to live a more productive and fulfilling life. Articles in the magazine are written by diverse authors who offer a wealth of experience that can be relied upon. Day to day experts share achievable projects to increase self-reliance, save you money and improve your lifestyle. In a typical issue you might find articles on: fruit and vegetable growing, renovating upcycling poultry keeping small farm stock selection organic garden and farm management value adding and marketing of home grown produce preserving the harvest selling at a farmer’s market healthy delicious recipes from the garden crafts and so much more! The reader is drawn into warm community of DIY inventiveness, making, sharing, recycling, cooking and in the end celebrating the greater degree of independence and satisfaction this lifestyle engenders in every member of the family. While many articles are practical in nature, in between the lines you can feel the infectious spirit of those who do, and who love what they do. It is this supportive spirit that encourages us all on our journey to a healthier, happier hands-on lifestyle. Grass Roots is published by people who live the life the magazine celebrates, and readers of its pages have been sharing their knowledge and stories for nearly 50 years.